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Department of Philosophy


Portrait Name Contact Information Specialties
Portrait: Brian Bix Brian Bix 871 Heller
N-212 Law
Legal Philosophy,
Philosophy of Language,
Moral & Political Philosophy
Portrait: Roy Cook Roy Cook
Director of Graduate Studies
869 Heller
Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mathematics, Aesthetics of Popular Art, 17th Cent. Philosophy
Portrait: Samuel Fletcher Samuel Fletcher
754 Heller
Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Statistics
Portrait: Peter Hanks Peter Hanks
868 Heller
Philosophy of Language, History of Analytic Philosophy
Portrait: Geoffrey Hellman Geoffrey Hellman 873 Heller
Philosophy of Mathematics & Logic,
Philosophy of Natural Science,
Portrait:Sarah Holtman Sarah Holtman Director of
Undergraduate Studies
721 Heller
Ethics, Political Philosophy,
Philosophy of Law
Portrait: Michael Kac Michael Kac 812 Heller
Linguistics, Cognitive Science,
Philosophy of Language,
Philosophy of Music
Portrait: Alan Love Alan Love 735 Heller Hall
Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science, History of Biology, Epistemology
Portrait: Michelle Mason Michelle Mason 721 Heller Hall
Ethical Theory, Moral Psychology, Practical Reason, History of Ethics, Aesthetics
Portrait: Joseph Owens Joseph Owens 808 Heller
Philosophy of Mind,
Philosophy of Language,
Portrait: Sandra Peterson Sandra Peterson 719 Heller
Ancient Philosophy,
Moral Philosophy
Portrait: Naomi Scheman Naomi Scheman Imagine Fund Arts, Design, and
Humanities Chair
758 Heller
Feminist Theory,
Philosophy of Mind,
Theory of Criticism
Portrait: Valerie Tiberius Valerie Tiberius
845 Heller
Ethics, Moral Psychology, Well-being & Wisdom
Portrait: Jos Uffink Jos Uffink
749 Heller
Philosophy of physics, Philosophy of Science, History of Physics

Members of the Faculty with Primarily Administrative Appointments

Portrait Name Contact Information Specialties
Karen Hanson 234 Morril

Affiliated Faculty

Portrait Name Contact Information Specialties
Portrait: Debra DeBruin Debra DeBruin 612-624-9687
Portrait: Antony Duff Antony Duff 446 Mondale Hall
Philosophy of Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, Ethics, Political Philosophy
Portrait: Carl Elliott Carl Elliott 612-624-9440
Philosophical and Ethical
Questions in Psychiatry and Pediatrics
Portrait: Jeannette Gundel Jeannette Gundel 612-624-7564
Pragmatics and
Linguistic Theory
Portrait: Michel Janssen Michel Janssen 612-624-5880
History of modern physics,
relativity and quantum
revolutions, Einstein,
philosophy of science
Portrait: Michelle Mason Sandra E. Marshall Moral, Legal, and Political Philosophy

Visiting and Adjunct Faculty

Portrait Name Contact Information Specialties
Portrait: Fareed Awan Fareed Awan
831 Heller Hall
Bioethics, Medical Ethics, Exploitation, Research Ethics, Public Health Ethics, Ethics and Political Philosphy
Portrait: Ian Stoner Ian Stoner
819 Heller Hall
Moral theory, Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, Hume
Portrait: David Taylor David Taylor 854 Heller
Philosophy of Language,
History of Analytic Philosophy
Portrait: William C. Wimsatt William C. Wimsatt
Winton Chair
751 Heller
Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Social Science, History of Biology

Emeritus Faculty

Portrait Name Contact Information Specialties
Portrait: Norman Dahl Norman Dahl Moral Philosophy,
Ancient Philosophy
Portrait: Marcia Eaton Marcia Eaton Aesthetics
Portrait: Ronald Giere Ronald Giere Philosophy of Science
Portrait: William Hanson William Hanson Logic, Philosophy of Logic
Portrait: Jasper Hopkins Jasper Hopkins Ancient & Medieval Philosophy,
Philosophy of Religion,
Medical Ethics
Portrait: Douglas Lewis Douglas Lewis 17th & 18th Century Philosophy,
Portrait: Michael Root Michael Root Metaphysics, Epistemology,
Philosophy of Social Science
Portrait: Wade Savage Wade Savage Philosophy of Science,
Philosophy of Psychology
Portrait: John Wallace John Wallace Philosophy of Language,
Political Philosophy,
Philosophy of Education

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